Coverdale Courtwork Society Welcomes You

courtWelcome to our new website. Please explore our site  to learn more about our programs and  services and to find out how you can become involved with Coverdale and support the work that we do.

The Coverdale Courtwork Society is a non-profit, community based organization that provides support to women and girls within the Halifax Regional Municipality who are experiencing the justice system .

Opening Doors. Offering Hope.

Coverdale provides vital programming and support services, offering opportunities that promote healing and positive change with the goal of increasing healthy environments and decreasing involvement in  crime. Coverdale supports adult women incarcerated in both Central Nova Correctional Facility and Nova Institution for Women, as well as the young women incarcerated at the Nova Scotia Youth Centre.

Our staff are present each morning at the Halifax and Dartmouth Provincial Criminal Courts to support and assist women who are making court appearances..

Coverdale also facilitates the Voices Program in Elementary and Junior High Schools in the HRM. The Voices Program encourages young women to find their voice, it is well respected by the schools and viewed as an important component in the lives of  "at risk" girls who are seeking to find ways to build safer and more productive lives.

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