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Our Programs Include:

Youth Project – Voices Program


The purpose of the Voices program is to encourage girls to seek and celebrate their "true selves" by giving them a safe space, encouragement, structure and support to embrace their important journey of self-discovery.  This program adopts a strengths-based approach that enables girls to identify their power as individuals and as females.  This program is centered on girls' experiences and is gender-responsive to these experiences.  The key elements for limiting risk and supporting healthy development are as follows:

1.Understanding more about their experiences as girls - their similarities and differences from others in the group.

2.Exploring how the influences in their lives (gender, families, their peers, and various forms of oppression, substance abuse, and interpersonal violence, among others) have impacted them.

3.Learning skills and coping mechanisms to help them both now and in the future.


4.Feeling safe and learning that this is a safe place to share their voices.

Beyond Trauma and Abuse

Beyond Trauma is a 4-session trauma intervention program designed for women who have witnessed and/or experienced trauma.  The session topics include: the process of trauma, power and abuse, grounding and self-soothing, and healthy relationships.  There is a strong emphasis on grounding skills.

Our organization was instrumental in bringing the training for this program to our area.  Our staff was trained to deliver this workshop by Dr. Stephanie S. Covington, a renowned international figure who provides training and resources in the field of Trauma and Abuse.  Research indicates that 92% of women and girls involved in the criminal justice system have witnessed or experienced trauma.

 Finding life beyond trauma is about living life well after a traumatic event.  It uses the powerful techniques to help women take a different approach to painful feelings and chart a new course for a rich and meaningful life.  First, women learn to accept the pain, sadness, and anxiety that can arise in connection to their trauma.  By exploring mindfulness techniques, women will be able to remain present with painful feelings and stop avoiding the thoughts and situations that cause them.  Instead of focusing on the past, women clarify what they want their life to be about right now and in the future.

Understanding Anger

The Understanding Anger Workshop is a 10-hour workshop that encourages women to indentify anger as a potential force for change.  The course material encourages women to recognize and acknowledge their feelings of anger.  The program material investigates where these feelings come from and provides coping tools and techniques that enable women to deal with anger in a constructive way.
 Providing all four sessions of the workshop are attended, a certificate will be awarded upon its completion.

Empowering Beliefs

Empowering Beliefs is a 5-hour workshop that is presented in two sessions.  Women will be introduced to skills that will assist them in:  identifying achievable goals, identifying resources that will support these goals, developing a motivational strategy, reframing life patterns to stop unwanted behaviors, strengthening positive self-talk and increasing assertive behaviors.

Everyone is entitled to be a full person, including their uniqueness.  Women and girls with low self-esteem may feel inadequate and have a hard time finding their voice.  Assertiveness and empowering beliefs involve advocating for ourselves in a way that is positive and proactive.  These skills take practice.  It is essential to identify and become aware of these beliefs.  In doing this we can examine our beliefs clearly and rationally and decide what to do.  When we are comfortable expressing what we think, feel and want, in direct, honest and helpful ways it leads us to finding happiness within ourselves.  It puts us in charge of our life and the situations that we encounter.

Relapse Prevention Program

The Relapse Prevention Program breaks down the recovery process into specific tasks and skills.  Women must be trained to practice these skills.  The program shows women how to recognize when they are beginning to relapse and encourages women to practice behaviors that will support safe and healthy environments.  However this action alone will not change lives.  Recovery means giving up old ways of thinking, feeling and acting so that you can have a better life!


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